First Lesson When I was Born (Tolerance)


My country Indonesia is the country with the largest Moslem population in the world, not Arab, Syria, Pakistan or Malaysia. We are proud to have had a woman president who led about 249.9 million citizens. Gender equality in Muslim country whose population is tremendously big.

Although we are Muslim, we are more concerned about the togetherness and peace. Governor of Jakarta today which is the capital of Indonesia led by a Protestant Christian named Ahok Chinese descent. Here, the largest Muslim country able to appreciate the differences and promote equality and those number of moeslem were also giving vote for him.

In our country. We speak about 756 different languages, we have native Indonesian looked like Asia and Africa together, but we were able to sit together and engage social and political activities properly. Our country is in the middle of the circum-pacific plate, so that our land is unstable and earthquakes often occur this made disaster in some region. Some society organizations of various layers ranging from religious organizations, youth organizations, environmental organizations, religious organizations and youth together providing assistance.

I still remember when I was in junior high school and it was in 11 September 2001 boombing happen over World Trade Center in USA . We were all shocked by the incident. We are used to seeing bad people everywhere, but we were surprised when the media keeps associate these events with the symbols of Islam or Islam it self. Just because people who become terrorists and using logo which inscribed with Arabic and incidentally the person hook-associate themselves with Islam.

Remember Arabic is not always Islam, and Islam is not the state. In the largest Muslim countries like Indonesia that has a more complex structure of society and are distinguished not only by the religion but also ethnicity and language, we were able to live in peace for years. by this fact, seems impossible that Islam teaches us about terrorism. Even for us when we are dealing with business thing like lending money around 1 euro, we are very careful and taking it seriously to settle down. Seems impossible that Islam teaches us to take human live. The terorrist is not Islam, islam doesn’t teach us evil thing.

My name is Geni isno Murti, Geni was taken from the west which means generation / descent are also at the same time the name of Java which means fire, isno is combination name of my mother & father, and Murti is the name of a Hindu, which means statue, and Murti also taken from Trine, Trine is god of Hindu but murti in general only means to create, maintain, merges nature and its contents. So since I was 7 days old, the first value that my father tought me is tolerance. Although both my parents were Muslims they want me to look at the values of goodness in other religions.

He gave my name with the name of Hindu which is Murti, and Murti was my nick name when I was child, people in my village call me with this name. For us attribute is not important something meaning more to us is substance. For my father name is not important,he cares more about value, Man must live human, being kind and helpful. To achieve all this I belong the values of Islam, although not perfect and still in the learning process. I implement value of Islam that Islam/ muslim are capable of being smart, intelligent, peace-loving, unselfish, loves to help others and make the world a better place. In general this value will be the same as another religion. They teach goodness.

The differences that exist in Indonesia, makes us more adaptable to the whole range of differences in the World. I am in Germany ever lived with Colombian, Polish, Egyptian and I can be really friends with all of them. Muslims are not terrorists, Islam is beautiful, peaceful and friendly.

Today at my University we are going to celebrate International Evening and celebrating the differences. I am feeling proud to be the part of this symbol of progression. Some smart students that study about Engineering to build this world are also capable to live in diversity.

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